How to choose Oakley sunglass

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What’s so special about Oakley Eyewear?

What makes Fake Oakleys and eyeglasses so special? I mean, besides the fact that the world’s most elite athletes all seem to be wearing Oakley. And besides the dynamic designs that seem to inspire active lifestyles. It’s nice to have athletes endorse your eyewear, and cool looks are great. But is there really a difference?

Well, first of all, during the 2008 Bejing Olympics, 88 medals were awarded to athletes who relied on Oakley’s “High Definition Optics”. Hmmm. That says something. Surely these competitors weren’t just relying on their Oakleys to make a fashion statement while crossing the finish line.The real secret to fake Oakley’s success seems to be their passion for combining science AND art to create a perfect blend of performance and style.

To understand how Oakleys became the iconic eyewear they are today, we have to take a look at Oakley’s history of innovation. It all started in scientist Jim Jannard’s garage lab. (Don’t all great company stories start in a garage?) In any case, Jannard simply wanted to make products that were better – that either worked better or looked better. Or both. His first product was a motorcycle handgrip with a unique texture for better grip, a shape that fit the rider’s hand, and a material that actually increased grip with sweat.

But Jannnard’s homespun company was still struggling. Until his next innovation for motorcyclists. Jim created the “O Frame” goggle, with a curved lens. Motocross racing pros raved about the clarity and wide peripheral view. The goggle became a standard in MX racing and skiing for nearly 20 years.

Still, in the late 70s and early 80s, Oakleys were not well known by mainstream athletes. But an up-and-coming cyclist named Greg Lemond had used cheap Oakley goggles during his years as a freestyle skier. One day, he approached Oakley for a pair of sunglasses for cycling. In 1986, Lemond won the Tour de France wearing Oakley “Eyeshades” in dramatic fashion. He went on to win again in 1989 and 1990. Lemond made it cool for cyclists to wear these funky sunglasses that made a fashion statement, and is widely credited for putting Oakley on the scene as THE cool sunglass manufacturer.

But Oakleys didn’t become the standard they are today on cool looks alone. What made the Eyeshades sunglasses so great was the material from Jannard’s handgrip for a more secure fit, even with perspiration, and the cylindrical “wrap” shape of the O Frame goggle, for better peripheral vision. replica Oakleys Eyeshades transformed sunglasses from a generic necessity to vital equipment.