Fake Oakley Sunglasses design and related material

Cheap Oakley Sunglasses manufacturers may retain their own staff of designers or use outside consultants to design frames. The consultants often include fashion designers, who create their own lines of eye wear that change along with trends in clothing design. The designers’ names are important in selling eyeglasses and especially in interesting fashion-conscious buyers in multiple pairs of glasses or sunglasses. There are definitely trends or fashions in eyewear including light- or dark-colored frames, thick or delicate ones, and decorative shapes or ornament-bearing styles. Specialized frames for children and half-frames for reading glasses are also designed with an eye to style.

Designs also incorporate certain standards including bridge size and eye size. The bridge size allows for different thicknesses of the upper part of the nose where the nose pads on the glass’s rest. Three eye sizes are standard for the range of dimensions of corrective lenses. Each style is typically manufactured in four different colors, so a single style will result in 12 combinations of color and dimension. Frame designers and manufacturers typically produce a new style every few months and discontinue styles if they don’t sell well.

** Plastic Frames

Plastic frames can deliver a multitude of deep and vibrant colours, shapes and detailing.
With many lightweight plastics on the market today, they are comfortable as they allow for an even weight distribution across the nose.

Whilst they can be a little heavier and easier to break than metal alternatives, plastic can offer wearers hypoallergenic benefits, wrap-around styling, unique colours and blends, not to mention beautiful detailing.

**Metal  Frames

Good quality metal frames can involve up to eighty different steps in order to produce them.  Some metals such as titanium are even more complex. A typical metal frame can take up to four months to manufacture.

In general, metal is lightweight, strong, flexible and anti-corrosive, making them ideal for frame production.

To a large extent, the degree of quality control imposed on sunglasses manufacture is a function of the type of sunglasses. Inexpensive plastic models have little concern with optical perfection; they may contain flaws which will distort the wearer’s vision. On the other hand, expensive glass lenses strive for high optical quality and are checked accordingly. There are a variety of instrumental methods used to evaluate distortion of the finished lens, but one simple test is to simply hold the glasses at arms’ length and look at a straight line in the distance. Slowly move the lenses across the line. If the lens causes the line to sway or bend, the lenses are optically imperfect. For best results, look through the outer edges of the lens as well as the center.

Oakley Sunglasses Wholesale manufacturing processes have become increasingly sophisticated in response to greater demand for high quality, stylish glasses. New coatings and colorants which deliver better protection against UV radiation continue to be developed. Improvements in the way frames are manufactured continue to be made.


Different Styles of Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley Outlet has sunglasses for any sport and any lighting conditions. Here we review basic Oakley information to help you zero in on the perfect pair of sunglasses.

First, when you see XL or XLJ do not think Extra Large.  Most Oakley semi-rimless frames are available with a rounded lens or a squared off lens.  The standard models come with the rounded lens.  The XL or XLJ models come with the squared off lens.  The XL lenses do have just a bit more coverage than the standard lens.  But you can put an XL lens in the regular frame and vice versa.

On our Oakley page you will see that we generally show the model with the regular cut lens right below the model with the XL or XLJ lens.  For example, the regular Flak Jacket is right below the Flak Jacket XLJ.  These two frames are exactly the same size.

-Tinted Lenses – A tint is applied to the outside of a lens. Oakley offers their tinted lenses with or without Oakley Iridium coatings.

-Polarized Lenses – Polarization is a film inside the lens that only allows light to pass straight through the lens. Scattered light, or glare, is blocked by this film. Polarized lenses are preferred by most athletes, and Ophthalmologists often prescribe polarized lenses for patients who have had a recent eye surgery, had their eyes dilated, or in general have light sensitive eyes. A polarized lens is considered a healthier lens in comparison to a standard tinted lens. Some electronic displays can be harder to read with polarized lenses, but tilting your head a bit when this happens generally solved the problem.

-Transitions Lenses – These lenses darken in the presence of UV Light, or sunlight. There are 5 transition colors from Oakley, 3 of which are Iridium transitions. These are triggered by UV Light, therefore Transitions lenses will not darken in a car.

–Iridium Lenses – This is an additional layer of contrast that is infused into lens, similar to the way a polarization coating is in the lens.  This Oakley patented technology often has a mirrored effect along with the additional layer of contrast. Iridium lenses are available with almost any lens color, polarized or not.

-Prism Lenses – These coatings are the newest Oakley innovation. Similar to the Iridium coatings, but the level of contrast is more finely tuned. For example, Prism lenses for Baseball Infield provide excellent contrast with a white ball against a brown or neutral background. Prism lenses for Outfield provide excellent contrast with a white ball against a blue or lighter colored background, like the sky.

All of these styles of Replica Oakley Sunglasses online can offer you a whole guide to choose .

Expensive And Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

Most of people love Discount Oakley Sunglasses , what’s under the impression it’s better to spend less money and not worry about sunglasses getting broken than spend a lot of money and worry. But, I’ve been through so many pairs of sunglasses I wanted to see what I was missing, so I decided to look into the differences between a high end pair and inexpensive ones.

Labels Don’t Matter As Much As You Think :

Buying sunglasses shouldn’t be all about the brand. You don’t have to spend the most money in order to get the best eyewear. To get long-lasting quality, you may have to spend a little more money, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend several hundred (or more).

The quality of sunglasses is often tied to the brand, but it’s not always that way. In fact, some of the high end glasses only have moderate quality while some of the midrange glasses ($80-$120) have all stellar reviews and can last through just about anything. These aviators from American Optical would be a perfect example of this.

When You Spend Too Little :

Inexpensive glasses often have lenses without appropriate scratch-resistant coatings, so they can scratch easily and become difficult to see through. Many of the Maui Jim glasses are made with coatings that allow them to remain wearable for many years because you’re less likely to end up with an unsightly gash on the front of your shades.

Pay For Customization :

High quality Oakley Sunglasses Wholesale are more often than not, customizable. The flexibility can come in a variety of ways. Oakley glasses like GasCans or Flak Jackets have different lens options that can be changed out on the fly. Other sunglasses like Oakley BatWolfs, make it possible for you to change out the icons on the side of the frames so you can physically make the shades look different. Less expensive glasses don’t have these options.

Spend To Put Glass In Your Sunglasses :

Some of the more expensive designs come with glass lenses that can last for decades without getting scratched. However, if you do pick-up the right pair with polycarbonate lenses they won’t be the kind you see in a drug store. Instead, they’ll be highly formulated plastics with a variety of coatings that keep them from becoming marked, and this helps them last longer.

More Money Helps You See :

If you love sunglasses but you need correction, high end sunglasses take prescription lenses, or at least allow you to make the lenses prescription. That’s a huge thing for people like me who can barely see right in front of their faces without the help of correction. Glasses you’ve paid real money for are designed to be taken apart and put back together without losing the integrity of the frame.

Don’t Go Broke, Make An Investment:

While I’m a thrifty person, I am starting to understand why sunglasses with such high price tags exist. You really do get what you pay for. That doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands to get good shades, but it does mean that by investing a little more money you won’t need to change them so often. Do your homework and find a resilient pair that won’t have to be replaced quickly. A good pair of Fake Oakley Sunglasses Online should last a minimum of 5 years or more.