The technology of Oakley sunglassess

Oakley Polarised Sunglasses Sale HDPolarised technology surpasses industry standards for clarity, performance and durability. Common techniques of incorporating polarisation films into lenses by lamination (using adhesive to sandwich the film between lens layers) and drop forming (sandwiching then heating and pressing over contoured forms) can cause haziness and optical distortion. Oakley uses an injection-molding process to infuse the lens material around the filter. This liquid fusion creates bonding at the molecular level, allowing the filter to achieve the highest possible level of performance.


Oakley has developed a proprietary Hydrophobic lens treatment that repels water, oil, perspiration and dust, and makes cleaning lenses a breeze. Oakley’s Hydrophobic coating is available in two forms: it comes as a standard permanent lens treatment on certain select models, and also comes in a user applied cleaning and Hydrophobic kit.


Oakley sunglasses wholesale lenses are available with photochromic technology to darken and lighten automatically in response to changing light. They help you adapt to changing conditions while filtering out 100% of harmful UV. Not to mention the added visual quality and comfort of having lenses that aren’t too dark when the sun pulls a disappearing act, or too light when it knifes through the clouds.


The lens material and frame geometries of Oakley sunglasses provide unsurpassed protection against high-velocity and high-mass impact. For high-velocity impact testing, a quater-inch steel shot is blasted from a pneumatic cannon at 102 mph. The high-mass impact test uses a metal spike (more than a pound of weight) dropped from over four feet. The unique combination of wrapped, raked-back lens geometries and durable Plutonite lens material allows Oakley sunglasses to exceed the standards of these impact tests, established by the American National Standards Institute.


Fake Oakleys Outlet provides unbeatable protection against the damaging rays of ultraviolet radiation. Oakley’s Plutonite lens material inherently blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light. The protection is formulated into the lens material, as opposed to a thin surface film that can become scratched, leaving dilated pupils exposed to ultraviolet leaks. Shielding has nothing to do with the darkness or colour of the lens, so even clear Oakley lenses provide full protection. The wrapped, raked-back architecture of Oakley eyewear provides further protection by blocking UV from the periphery.